Roly Poly Chiming Clown


13.5cm x 10.3cm x 16cm (L/W/H)

    Roly poly action.

    Musical chime.

    Spinning head.

    Swinging arms.

Development Skills

  • Colour Recognition
  • Hand Eye and Co-ordination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Hearing
  • Touching and Gripping


  • Parent's Choice Award
  • The Toybox Good Toy Guide Gold Award Winners
  • Play Guide
  • Customer Reviews

    6+ months

  • Put the clown in front of your baby and give it a gentle push to show that he wobbles. Encourage your baby to have a go and make the sound. 
  • Use lots of excited, encouraging language - ask your baby if he or she can knock the clown over and join in with your baby's surprise when he pops up again! 
  • Point out the clown's friendly facial features - e.g. his big red nose, eyes, smiley mouth. Show your baby his or her corresponding body parts.  
  • Spin the head. Can your baby copy this? At first your infant will probably only be able to grab and hit at it, but with lots of encouragement and praise eventually he or she will be able to spin it. 
  • Move an arm and encourage your infant to move the other one.
  • Sometimes place the clown just out of arms reach so your infant is encouraged to move to play.  
  • Encourage free play.

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